Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warm Weather

This week it has been very warm weather. The boys love to play outside so they have been digging in dirt and playing with trucks. On Monday I decided to setup a blow-up swimming pool and let Jayden swim while Aaryn was napping. I added our plastic slide to the pool and Jayden loved his water slide! We also have a tree in our yard that has bloomed and it is beautiful! I hope it stays warm and that the snow is gone!


On Tuesday April 14th (also my birthday) we went with our wards mom and tots group to a ward members farm. We were able to see and feed chicks, chickens, baby goats, mommy goats, and horses. We also watched them milk a goat! It was a lot of fun! Aaryn loved the animals and Jayden was scared most of the time but, enjoyed himself from a distance. He loved the horses!

Easter egg hunt

The boys had so much fun searching for eggs. Aaryn also thought they were candy and tried to taste each one that he found. Jayden seemed sad after he found all the eggs but was happy when we made deviled eggs with his findings!

Easter: egg dying

I put the boys in Nick's t-shirts so they could dye eggs.