Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A much needed update....

I have put off posting anything and now it seems to late so I will just update the important things. We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Ely. It has been nice to spend both holidays with mine and Nicks parents. We are glad that we live only 2 hours away so we get to see them often. We have had a crazy few weeks it seems. On the 18th of Dec. we left Caliente for Ely and left our children with Nicks parents. We then drove with my parents to Rexburg, ID to see my sister Chelsea and her husband Zac graduate from BYU ID together. It is amazing that they were able to finish together and on time after their first son Gavin was born! We are so proud of them and hope that Zac will be able to find an accounting job soon. We were also able to be there when they blessed Gavin the following Sunday. After arriving in Ely that night I decided to stay in Ely for the week and spend time with my family. Nick went home for work and drove up to Ely again Mon. night. I was hoping Nick would take time off, but he ended up just working from the Ely office. We had a great Christmas and the boys got some great gifts. We ended up with a wagon, an Elmo's restaurant, a Rocket from Disney's little Einsteins, and tons of books, clothes, and other toys! Jayden loved Christmas and Aaryn only loved the wagon.
For the past few months we have been trying to buy our first home. It has been a long process, since we didn't have a down payment we applied for assistance from a program called RNDC. We are grateful that we qualified to get a 20% down payment + closing costs from them. We were also able to change our loan from an FHA loan to a conventional loan which will lower our monthly payment. Our lender told us that we could be closed on the house as early as Jan 15th or as late as Jan. 29th.
We are also expecting our 3rd child sometime in late June. My due date is July 6th, but since we will be having another c-section we will be having the baby early. My pregnancy has been more difficult for me. I used to feel nauseated all of the time and now it is just part of the time. I am seeing a doctor in Vegas and it is nice to get out of town once a month. We feel so blessed for everything to be working out for us this year. We are grateful to have a good job with insurance and to have wonderful family's that love and support us. We are looking forward to a new year and a lot of welcome changes. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a very merry new year!