Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

This year Nick and I had a really great Valentines Day. We ended up giving each other presents on Friday during Nick's lunch break. I gave my wonderful husband a collection of The BEATLES in mono. Every time we would go to Costco he would ask for them, but I refused to pay over $200 for something we didn't need. So with Valentines Day I got on Ebay and bought them for about half of the price. He was so excited and already has all 12 cds on his ipod. Nick ended up buying me a great set of earrings, a matching necklace and some Scentsy scents. I wore my new jewelry for the first time to church on Sunday. I actually got a comment from a friend about it telling my husband that he should give her husband some tips. It made me feel really good since my husband is hardly ever the romantic type and I normally pick out my own presents. We didn't really do much, but we enjoyed our time together.


Zac & Chelsea said...

Oh so sweet. I am so glad!

Luke and Mary said...

Sounds like a nice Valentines Day. I love your house!! I can't wait to see pictures of the inside ;) And that yard looks perfect for a little family of boys! Congrats!. Hope you are feeling well!

The AnDeRsOn'S :) said...

That is so sweet, I need Richard to get the jewelry thing going. Another boy, how exciting! Congrats! Also congrats on the house, I cant wait for that day to come!