Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last week we moved from our small tiny upstairs apartment to a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a fully fenced yard! It was a lot of work to move but absolutely well worth it! The boys are enjoying all the room that our new house brought! They run everywhere! Right now the weather is to cold to play outside. But we have a big backyard so in the summer they will be running outside. We are doing well and Nick loves his job here in Caliente, NV. I am now pregnant again and am due September 26th! We are looking forward to having another child in our growing family! I am still babysitting a now 6 month old named Ethan and he seems to enjoy coming over to play with Jayden and Aaryn. Jayden is as busy as ever. He talks as much as he can and loves to dance and sing! He also loves to play with his trains. He can even build his own track even though it rarely connects. Aaryn loves to walk and has been trying to learn how to run so he can catch up to Jayden. He loves to laugh and play and his favorite movie is still CARS! He has recently developed baby excema and has not been sleeping very well. Well that is all that we have to report but I hope to be updating often!

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Kurt and Kortney Tobler said...

Hey Melanie! Found your blog through your mom's page and I thought I would say Hi! I'm so excited to see that soo many of you have blogs! Well, your boys are cute and they are growing soo fast! I can't remember if I've ever seen Aaryn?! Thats crazy. And congrats on the pregnancy! Are your hoping for a girl? Well, hope life is good for you! Talk to ya later!