Friday, May 1, 2009


We are getting a basset hound puppy in a couple of weeks and Jayden and Aaryn just saw our puppy for the first time on Wednesday! I wasn't able to get pictures of the boys holding her but, we do have a couple pictures of her that have been sent to us. We've been trying to decide on a name for her but, we wanted Jayden to name her. So yesterday I asked him what he was going to name our puppy and he responded very clearly Elmo! When I told Nick about it he was less than thrilled saying Elmo was not a suitable girls name. But, When Jayden was persistent Nick gave in of course! Sooo.... Our puppy's name will be Elmo! Jayden is so excited! I've posted a picture of our puppy and a video of Jayden telling us his puppy's name.

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Bennetts said...

Cute puppy!! I know Richie would really like to have one, we'll see if I want to put in all of that work.