Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, I am not the best at getting my children to go to bed. Before I would just let them stay up until I went to bed and then Jayden would most of the time fall asleep in our bed and then moved in the middle of the night. Nick and I were getting pretty sick of it. Since summer was starting and Jayden will soon be 3 we started giving them a bed time. We have had 4 nights of Jayden and Aaryn going to bed at 7:45 so far. The first couple nights Jayden left his room and cried a lot but, we were firm and last night was wonderful! He only came out of his room once and after we put him back he laid on his bed and went to sleep. I was able to watch my favorite summer show So You Think You Can Dance without any children around! I now love bedtime! Nick and I are able to spend some time together without the kids running around it is so nice! I have had to make adjustments and we moved dinner time forward so the kids weren't eating an hour before bedtime but that has been nice to.
We are also preparing for Nick to leave us for 5 weeks. He will be in Reno doing his internship for his bachelors degree (he should be graduating next spring). He leaves on June 9th which is only 2 weeks away. We are grateful for this opportunity to get his internship done in the summer so he wont have to go to school, work full time, and do his internship in the fall. We would really never see him. But, With Nick gone I will be venturing to hot Arizona in the beginning of July to see my family! I am way excited for that part. Luckily April has agreed to drive to Arizona with me since James will be in China and I won't have to make the long drive by myself. I am looking forward to July and can't wait for June to pass me by! Even though I know June will be the longest month for me this summer.

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