Friday, June 12, 2009

Already missing Dad

Nick left on Sunday and Jayden asks everyday "where's daddy?" I try to explain where Nick is but, he just doesn't understand why Nick doesn't come home anymore. I can't beleive it has only been a week! It feels like it has been way longer. All of us miss him. I can tell even Elmo our puppy misses him! I can tell I stress out a little easier with not having much time to myself. I have been filling my time with house work of course and reading. Today I just finished "the Host" written by Stepheine Meyer. It was a very interesting book and I don't really like Scifi, but I found it capitivating. I am filling most of my time reading without anyone else to talk to. I will be starting a new book tomorrow after I get all of my housework done. Sorry my life is really boring right now. I hope the weather is good tomorrow so I can take my kids swimming. Jayden has been dying to go and during the week I babysit so we can't go then. I am sure that if I take 3 kids by myself someone will surely drown. Next week will hopefully be a good week!

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Zac & Chelsea said...

Awww, that is cute but so sad. At least he asks and realizes that he is gone. That is important. At least you leave in like three weeks to go to Arizona!