Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Sun

Monday I actually had the day off from babysitting so I took my boys out for some fun! First we went to one of the local playgrounds that were just put in a few months ago. But, sadly on the way to the park Aaryn fell asleep. So Aaryn slept in his car seat with the car doors open and Jayden played on the slides. Jayden had fun he loves to go to the park.

After the park it was time for lunch. In Caliente the Elementary school was awarded a grant for free school lunches during the summer. It is free for every child that comes there is no income limit or anything. A lot of moms in our ward go almost everyday in the summer. We have only been a few times but the kids all love it! So Monday was pizza day so went to the school for free pizza! Nothings better than free when your on a budget! And then after lunch we went swimming! I was a little worried about taking the boys swimming by myself but it was tons of fun! We bought Jayden a swim vest, but he clung to me not willing to let go to see if he could float. I finally put him in a baby float and he loved that! Aaryn also has a baby float and loved floating around in the cool water. We stayed at the pool for 3 hours and when we got out the boys still wanted to swim! I thought they would have been ready to go home far before we left. When we got home and changed clothes both of the boys fell asleep within 10 mins! It was wonderful! They were so good all day and it was fun to get out of the house and actually do something. We loved our day in the sun and hope there are many more to come!

We have added a new member to our babysitting recently. It is Ethan's half-sister Hannah she is 10 and luckily very easy to entertain. So I am hoping to be able to take all 4 kids swimming sometime next week hopefully it goes well. And Hannah will only be here for about 2 months, so hopefully I can keep her from getting too bored while her dad is at work!

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Zac & Chelsea said...

You are one brave Mom! I must be honest, I can't wait to just be a mom and get to play with my kids once they are old enough. I get bored a lot at home because all I get to do is homework. I didn't realize that you are actually watching Hannah now too! I got my watch and it is really cute! Thanks!