Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Picking

On Friday the 11th of September our ward had a mom and tots activity and we went to the Bradshaw apple orchard. The kids had a lot of fun! It was hard to keep my kids from eating all of the apples while we were picking them! Jayden LOVES apples since we have so many now he eats about 3 a day. Sometimes I will just find him eating an apple since he thinks he is big enough to take it out of the fridge himself. Alisha and Ethan (Ethan is the little boy I babysit) also came with us to pick apples. We love doing fun things with all of our friends!

After that we went home and had lunch. Alisha had to go back to work so Ethan played with us the rest of the day. I decided to be brave and ventured to the pool with all 3 kids. Jayden and Aaryn had life jackets and Ethan was in a baby float. It was Aaryn's first time in a life jacket and he seemed to really enjoy it. The boys all had so much fun! When we came home all 3 children were sleeping within half an hour. I guess I wore them out!

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