Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chinese and a Wedding too!

When my sister April came home from her mission to Hong Kong. Jayden was only a few months old. She had bought him a present of Chinese clothing. She said she bought the smallest size she could find. On the label it has a 2 so we stored it away for awhile. Recently we wanted to see if it fit yet. So here are the pictures. Yay to finally being able to use it!

On Saturday we had a lot going on. First of all it was Jayden's 3rd birthday, but we didn't get to do anything for it since we were so busy. I will be doing a birthday post after we have his party this weekend. The main thing we had going on was that one of our friends here in Caliente got married. She had asked me month's ago if I would do her flowers for her. I agreed and didn't really worry about it that much. I started to get a little stressed with the work load a few days before the wedding. On Friday I started making flowers and I didn't get done with everything until right before the wedding on Saturday. The last few hours were a little hectic. Despite that I think the flowers turned out great.


Bridesmaids bouquet

Maid of honor bouquet

Brides bouquet


Bennetts said...

The flowers look great! It looks like you had a lot of fun picking apples. At least you have kids that LOVE to eat apples. Richie will take my apple when we are in the car and only eat a few bites. Can't wait to hear how your party goes!

Luke and Mary said...

Love love the flowers!!!