Friday, October 16, 2009

Jaydens 3rd Birthday!

Sorry this posting is so late. Jayden had a wonderful birthday party in September! He loved all of the attention. He received a lot of fun toys, games, and even a bike. He has not quite figured out the bike and it is starting to get cold so we will be holding off on the bike lessons until spring. I made my first kids birthday cake and it at least looked like a train. Thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate with us!

Jayden and his cake!
Train cake
Jayden opening presents... He said "oh Cool!" after every gift!
Jayden getting more then his fair share of candy from the Pinata


Zac & Chelsea said...

I wish we could have been there. I love watching them when they are little and opening presents. especially when they start to have little mannerisms like "oh cool" :).

Bennetts said...

At least he says something, Richie was quite closed mouthed about the gifts. He wasn't sure what to do after ripping off the paper. The train cake looks awesome!!